12X Express Slicer

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Tired Of Chopping Or Shredding Your Vegetables?

We’re proud to present our brand-new amazing 12X Express Slicer!

With a turn of the handle, our Express Slicer easily cuts 12 pieces of your chosen vegetable in whichever style you choose!

It comes with 3 different blades for you to choose from – each blade makes a different style cut.

Easily grate cheese at high speed, and perfectly cut potatoes for hashbrowns, and cabbage for coleslaw!

And the best news yet – because you’re not rubbing your food up and down the blades, like you would with a grater, that means no more scraped knuckles!

Easily create culinary masterpieces with your very own 12X Express Slicer Today!

- Features: 

  • Hand-cranked vegetable slicer and grater!
  • Easy to use!
  • 3 different style blades that are sharp, sturdy, and made of stainless steel!
  • Keeps your hands safe from cutting when grating food!
  • Safer to use than hand-held graters and mandolins!
  • High speed cheese grater!
  • Dramatically cuts down your prep time!
  • Durable and easy to clean!
  • Easily set up in 4 simple steps!
  • Suction base locks Slicer down on your flat surface for safety and efficiency!
  • Each rotation of the hand crank makes 12 cuts!
  • Ideal for grating cheese, vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumber, squash, nuts, onions and MORE!

- Here’s How To Easily Set Up Your New 12X Express Slicer:

1. Slide the transparent cup and chute onto the top of your Slider
2. Insert the blade drum of your choice up into the transparent cup, white shaft first so it sticks out of the cup on the other side
3. Attach your hand-crank handle to the blade drum shaft
4. Set your Slicer down on a flat surface and turn the knob on the side to lock down the suction base – this secures your Slicer

✔️ And that’s it! Now grab your veggies, nuts or cheese!

- Here’s How To Easily Make Magic With Your New 12X Express Slicer:

1. Place a bowl under the bottom chute to catch shredded veggies
2. Take your veggie and place it in the top chute
3. Gently push down on your veggie while cranking the handle (apply pressure as needed and use chute helmet to push down veggies once they’re shorter than the chute)

✔️ Now you get to be creative and make all sorts of wild and exciting meals, salads, pastas and MORE!


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