Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer

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Does Looking For A Spice Bottle In Your Kitchen Cause You Stress?

Because it all a big cluttered mess? And why your shelf space is such a premium?

What you need is Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer space saving system! It lets you clip and store all your spice bottles with ease!

Instantly gain space in any cabinet or turn a pantry disaster into a organize master! Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer hold all different size spice bottles right where you can see them best. So now just grab and go!

It's easy! Simply peel away the tape at the back, stick anywhere in your cabinet and presto a spectacular spice display! NO SCREWS OR MESSY INSTALLATION! Not even the paint shaker can dislodge your spices. Yet each one releases with just your fingertips!

Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer attaches to virtually any surface and each one is detachable so you can customize them to fit them any space and any place! They are perfect next to a stove while cooking, easily attach to the refrigerator for a quick access or turn a unused spot into what you'll use a lot!

But it's not just for spices, organize prescription bottles and gain more space in your medicine cabinet or art and craft supplies or tidy up your tool bench once and for all!

- Features:

  • Spice Jars:

Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer racks have been designed to store small spice jars. When you slide your jars into one, you’ll be able to turn them so that the labels are in full view. Having them within one of these apparatuses also frees up space on cabinet shelves or counters for larger jars that won’t fit within the Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer.

  • Prescription Bottles:

The Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer is also a great device to use in order to store your prescription bottles. If you’re someone who takes a lot of medication, or has family members or roommates that do, it’ll come in handy. It’ll enable you to see the prescription labels clearly, so you’ll never pick up the wrong bottle of pills to use.

  • Craft Supplies:

Craft supplies, such as large spools of thread or small bottles of acrylic paint, will also fit nicely into a Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer. That way, when you go to start your next project, you won’t have to sort through a cluttered mess of items in order to grab the right supplies.
Tool Bench Items

Similarly, it’s annoying when you need to do some sort of household repair, or start a woodworking project, and you can’t find the right solutions or tools. Fortunately, if you install a Stick N Store Seasoning Organizer above your tool bench, it’ll hold items like glue and small tools, so you’ll be able to find things more easily.

  • No Screws Or Tools Required:

To install a Clip N Store rack, all you’ll need to do is peel the adhesive off its back and then stick it to a flat surface. The only tools you’ll need are your two hands!

  • Easy To Remove Items:

Once items are stored within a Clip N Store rack, it’ll be easy for you to remove them when you need them. You’ll be able to pull them out of their clips with just your fingers.


- Details:

  • 4 set / 20 pieces of Clip N Store Organizer (1 set = 5 pieces of Clip N Store Organizer).
  • Dimensions: 11.3 x 4.2 x 1.7 inches.


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